This is what I’ve been working on lately, yet another collaboration with Monofonus Press.

I’m proud to announce the launch of designer, builder, and adventurer Jack Sanders’ . It’s my latest collaboration with the talented graphic designer Sarah Presson of . Sign up for this dude’s blog; he’s always up to something interesting.

At 7pm this Saturday, the Egyptian Room will reopen for one night only to screen the world premiere of ‘s feature film debut, The Third Person.

It’s an extreme example of the true independent cinema that Austin is known for: Max directed and stars in the film, which he co-wrote with his real-life girlfriend and co-star, the artist He edited the entire thing himself on his computer in his bedroom, and his friends populate a world in which his own dad plays God.

All this with a budget of Tombstone pizza and warm Keystone Light!

You can read all about Max and the Third Person in .  For those of you lucky enough to experience some of Max’s hilarious work for the first time, check out. Then on Saturday.

It’s BYOB, but you should sneak the stuff in.  You know, for old time’s sake.

I can’t recall the last furniture show I’ve been to where there were naked people in a hot tub. Well done, .

(photo courtesy of )

Let me be straight up: Dude’s my boyfriend. But that shouldn’t make you think any less of my endorsement. There’s nobody who knows this guy’s work better. I spend every day in one of his anarchitectural masterpieces, a series of breezy, modular spaces that make me feel like I live in a tropical paradise. Our spacious outdoor shower, with its streaming sunlight and bamboo walls covered in trumpet vines, has completely ruined me for never can I enjoy a shower elsewhere. There’s just no way. It’s an issue. Ask any of our visiting friends who, upon returning to their New York City apartment, routinely spend weeks just stinking up the joint because the thought of showering in their sad little bathroom is just too much to bear.

But I’m not complaining. Far from it. Not only did Jesse make my home, he made nearly everything in it. I sleep in a bed that he made, share meals with friends around his tables, write at a desk he built, and dry my dishes in a bicycle rim that spins when the air blows through the window just right. Jesse Hartman has created an environment so splendid and simple that not a day goes by that I don’t think to myself: I love my home.

And now, you too can get a piece. Literally. You can buy his stuff. This Friday’s DINNER PARTY: SLOW FURNITURE BY JESSE HARTMAN marks the debut of the man’s kitchen series, featuring assorted knife racks, pot racks and tables so elegant they appear to hover over the floor. And, to celebrate, Let’s Communicate has teamed up with the stellar design duo Ed Davis + Christina Simon of to throw a kick-ass party.

Let’s just say this: There will be a hot tub.

Meanwhile, be sure to check out Jesse’s , a collaboration between Let’s Communicate and the talented Sarah Presson of . (That’s right, he’s not just my boyfriend, he’s also a client! And, yes, I made him pay through the nose.)

Heard the one about the drag king, the missile silo, and the tortilla factory?

Me, neither.

Photographer Stacey Halper not only sees a through line, but she also manages to capture the solemn beauty in each. Check out to see what I mean.

Her new series, the collection of photographs she’s calling Misinformation, explores what happens to our attempts at communication when they are ignored over time. The show is up at , and I’m proud to call both the artist and the establishment clients.

Saturday’s opening was jam-packed, so yourself a favor and pop on by the space at a more peaceful hour, anytime from 11am-8pm, Tuesday-Thursday and 11am-6pm, Friday + Saturday. 4600 Mueller Boulevard, #1005, Austin, Texas 78723.


The book I edited, featuring photographs from and Amber Rademacher, is . If you haven’t heard of GAYBIGAYGAY, you probably don’t know many people who have removed their boobs. Just saying.

See also the exclusive excerpt featured on .

And, while you’re at it, check out this rad video by Chad Loucks:


from on .


+   MARCH   +


Hey, I’m in a movie! For a minute or so.

And though I was filled with anxiety about seeing my enormous head lit up onscreen in a dark theater, I am beyond proud to be a part of it. Better This World is exceptional.

The film, which played to packed houses at SXSW, follows the story of Brad Crowder and David McKay, two young men from Midland, Texas who were convicted on domestic terrorism charges based on testimony from the controversial FBI informant named Brandon Darby. He’s the villain in the story, in case you were wondering.

But the filmmakers, Kelly Duane de la Vega and Katie Galloway of , take no cheap shots. Instead, they tell the story exactly how it happened, from all sides. Brandon being the bad guy is just how the thing shakes out. Nobody likes a snitch, as they say. That is, nobody besides conservative political commentator Andrew Breitbart, who told Brandon he had found an “” in him, due to the fact that Brandon had saved him and thousands of other right-wingers from certain demise at the Republican National Convention.

The movie on September 6 2011 as part of their POV documentary series. You should watch it. It’s really, really good. And when you do, you will realize that Andrew Breitbart’s life was never in any friggin’ danger. At least, not in terms of what Brad and David had planned – a plan that involved killing no one; a plan that was abandoned before they were arrested. But, like I said, you should watch the movie. It explains it all.

And guess what? Brandon, a storied activist who was in post-Katrina New Orleans as part of the Common Ground Collective, is now a on

Go figure.



+   FEBRUARY   +


When Andy Rihn asked me to write for his latest work, The Tiger’s Last Tooth (out now from ), I was nervous. Because I tell you what: That man is half-brilliant, half-nuts and there are times when it’s hard to tell the difference.

You can decide for yourself on which side The Tooth falls when you . Then, please, help a brother out and .


+   BEYOND   +



I had the honor of writing the accompanying essay for Unsustainable Attainment, solo show at .

Click the link to download a PDF of the to read “The Gatherer” and see more of Virginia’s beautiful and haunting work.



The ever-prolific has made their entire catalog available online – videos, books, records, you name it. This means you could get your hands on the entire IF SERIES, including my curatorial debut:… story “Captioning for the Blind” (which was later included in Best American Non-Required Reading), illustrated by the aforementioned and paired with the first full-length album from Austin’s doom metal heroes .

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